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Jon Adams – Doctoral Student and Adjunct Faculty

I am a doctoral student at Marymount University in Cybersecurity. My dissertation chair is Dr. Michelle Liu. I passed my dissertation proposal exam in late May 2021.

I’m interested in Human Factors in Cybersecurity, Privacy Enhancing Technologies, and Endpoint/Mobile Device Security. My dissertation is, broadly, about human factors related to the adoption of good cyber-hygiene and corporate policy compliance.

More on my teaching experience can be found at my GMU Homepage


Projects and Research:

  • Dissertation Research (TBD): Tentative Title: The Effect of Security Awareness Training and Leadership Commitment on Security Compliance Intent, Update: 26 May 2021 – Passed dissertation proposal defense and obtained IRB approvals
  • Master’s Project (Dec 2002): A Distributed Peer-to-Peer Web Search Engine using JXTA.
  • GIAC Certification Capstone: Adams, J. K. (2019). WiFiCue: Public Wireless Access Security Assessment Tool – GCIA Gold Paper, September 2019.

Refereed Journals and Conference Papers

Presentations/ Posters/ Student Papers

  • Adams, J. K. (2001). A Low-Cost Web Server Solution Using Linux. 2001 ADMI Symposium Student Paper

ACM Digital Library Author Profile:


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