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Teaching: MIS 320: Sample Schedule

Date  Topic  Assessment  
Week 1Syllabus / World Wide Web, Internet and Privacy  
Week 2Computer NetworksHomework #1 due
Wireshark Lab
Week 3Application and Transport LayersQuiz 1 due (20 Sep)  
Week 4Network LayerHomework #2 due
Week 5IP Version 6IPv6 Lab
Week 6DNS and Network NamingHomework #3 due
Week 7Mid Term Exam
Week 8Network Devices – Cabling and Topology
Week 9Link Layer and EthernetHomework #4 due
Week 11Wireless Networking
Week 12Cybersecurity TopicsHomework #5 due
Week 13Remote ConnectivityRemote Conn Lab 
Week 14Virtualization & Cloud Computing Quiz 2 due
Final Exam Period  Final Exam