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Teaching: ITP 270 Browser Databases

ITP 270 Week 6 Homework

Your task is to use what you learned in the lab during Week 6 to search through the sqllite databases in the zip file attached to this assignment to find the browser bookmarks and cookies.

  • Write a function get_cookies() that queries the table containing this user’s cookies and prints out the host, cookieName, value, domain, path, expiry, and last accessed timestamps.
  • Write a function get_bookmarks then write a query that joins two tables (moz_places, moz_bookmarks) to get the list of this user’s bookmarks.
  • Write a function get_history(), query the database and find the user’s  browser history (you’ll join moz_places and moz_historyvisits) and prints it out. Print at least the Url, title and timestamp for each record. The Schema for the Places database that holds browser history and bookmarks

Moz Places Database Schema: – more (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Tech/Places/Database)

Moz Cookies Table Schema

Hint: from my testing the moz_bookmarks (fk) column seems to link to the id column in moz_places for your join.