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Teaching: ITP 270 Course Project Sample

For the course capstone project you will need to complete a significant Python project that includes a significant unique code component written by you. You will present your work to the class, expect to have a 15 minute presentation, with a demonstration and a code / functionality walk through. You may work in groups of up to 3 to accomplish this task. 

All Final Projects must be approved by the instructor

Even for the pre-defined projects, you will need to do some self-study to meet the deliverable:


  • Presentation materials
  • Source Code
  • Short write up (1-2 pages) of what you (1) intend to do, (2) why you have chosen this topic and (3) what resources are available. – Due Date –
  • Submit presentation and source code by NLT Due Date + 4 weeks – 

Some project ideas follow:

  • Take log files from a common application and provide some analytics on the data – geo-locate IP addresses/hostnames, identify malicious activity within the logs
  • Write a python script that intercepts and interprets network traffic
  • Write a python script and then convert it to a platform executable (data to fish) that performs some component of an attack chain – downloading files, executing files, hiding tracks, command and control, etc.
  • Write a python script that creates a shell or reverse shell for system access – can you encrypt or obfuscate the traffic?
  • Use python to automate vulnerability scanning – can use a third party library – nmap, Scapy or scan for local configuration settings
  • Write python code to exfiltrate data covertly from a system – can you encrypt or obfuscate the traffic? Hide it in another protocol?
  • Write a targeted web scraper that automates information from a web source or multiple sources and aggregates and processes it
  • Write a social media bot that can interact with users
  • Write a python script that automates hardening settings for an application, application(s) or the host operating system